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Find Deals Easily with These Shopping Apps

top shopping apps

Apps offer great ways to save money. An example is the ability to see the price of an item at various stores simply by scanning a barcode. Regardless of the product, a shopping app can help you compare prices easily and quickly so that you find the best deals online and off.
These apps are free and most people now use them. Not sure which app to select? Here are some of the most useful ones and what they offer.

Amazon Price Check

This app allows those with a smartphone to check prices in a store and compare them against Amazon’s prices. You can search by picture or scan a barcode to easily compare items. Those with Apple, BlackBerry and Android can use this app.

RedLaser, which is owned by eBay, is an app that works by scanning barcodes. By scanning the items, users can compare prices locally or online. Voice commands and picture searches also work for his app. RedLaser identifies stores with price-matching policies to make shopping even easier. You can elect to have items shipped or picked up at a local store. This app is not just a one-trick pony. It can also check out library books and look for specific ingredients in foods. This app works for with Apple, Android and Windows operating systems.

Shopkick is a shopping app that works as a rewards system. You earn points by simply entering participating stores (such as Starbucks, Target and Macy’s). You can redeem these points for cool rewards such as free Starbucks drinks and purses. Shopkick is available on Apple and Android platforms.

Cardstar is a good app for organizing loyalty cards that you may have with various retailers. Clean out your purse and keychain by storing everything in just one app. To use this app, simply show your phone to the cashier when making a purchase. Other deals may even show up while the app is open. Cardstar is available for Apple, BlackBerry and Android.

top shopping apps

BuyVia is a great app for those who are buying technology gifts. This app, which is available on Apple phones, compares prices locally as well as nationally.  You can use the barcode scanner to compare prices on the spot. It also includes reviews of each product and makes recommendations to simplify the gift-giving process. You can even sign up for alerts when new products are available.

Decide is a different type of shopping app. Like the others, it allows you to scan barcodes and check prices on the spot. However, it is also used to make predictions about various products. Wondering if you should buy that new 3-D flat-screen TV now or wait until later in the year? Decide takes the guesswork out of buying appliances and technology. It tells you the chance that a price will increase or decrease. In addition, it can also predict if a certain item will be upgraded soon to help you determine if you should buy now or wait for the new model.

Milo is a shopping app that works for local deals only. You can compare prices on items and check availability in various stores. The app offers reviews to help you decide. Milo also gives driving directions to the stores.

ShopAdvisor alerts you when an item you have your eye on reaches a set price you are willing to pay. It also compares prices and constantly looks for price changes.

This app, like the others, allows you to scan items and look for deals in your area. You also have the option of entering the name of the item. The app can store your credit card information to make purchases possible with just a few presses of a button. ShopSavvy can also work with euros, which is convenient for travelers.

Available for Android and iPhone, Slice is a good app to organize all he packages that often arrive around the holiday season. It allows you to view shipments, determine which packages have shipped and save receipts in the event of a return. If prices drop after items have been ordered, Slice will alert you so you can take advantage of price-match guarantees. If you have vouchers from Groupon and other daily deal sites, this app tracks those as well so you do not forget to use them.

For the best way to shop for apps, AppShopper offers a great alternative to Apple’s app store. It offers greatly enhanced search features and filters so that apps can be searched by category, price, ratings and other criteria. A neat money saving feature is the wish list. Once apps are put on it, AppShopper can be set to send you notifications when there are changes in price or features.

Key Ring
Those store loyalty cards will save you money, but they are annoying to carry around. Key Ring will allow you to scan and store all these cards on your phone, so they will not require any wallet space and always be there when you need them. In addition, more programs and exclusive deals are available through the app.

Coupon apps
A wide range of apps to help locate and store coupons can be found at coupon apps.

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