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Frugal Shopping Tips for Women

Frugal Shopping Tips for Women

Many people laughingly say that women are born to shop. That is true to some extent. However, we do not all go on crazy shopping sprees.  When women take on responsibilities, families, bills, and other expenses; they have to learn to adjust to a more frugal lifestyle. Some of us have learned, over time, tips for shopping wisely.

Saving on clothing purchases

Women, married or single, should shop frugally when it comes to clothing. This does not mean that women cannot buy fashion designs. What it does mean is that they should shop wisely for the highest quality merchandise at the lowest prices. Accessorizing can stretch a wardrobe into many versatile outfits. Purchase high-quality fashion clothes, but purchase less. Buy clothes that can be mixed and matched to make more wardrobe combinations out of fewer clothing items. Another way to save on clothing expenses is to only send items to the dry cleaners that truly cannot be washed at home.

Do not rule out thrift stores or consignment shops when it comes to shopping for high-quality fashion clothes. Sometimes, great deals can be found at these shops. In consignment shops, people who have high-quality clothing trade out their clothes often for new outfits.

If there is truly an expensive clothing item that is a “must have” item, ask the store clerk if there is a store layaway plan. With layaway plans, clothing can be paid for over the course of several weeks or months. This can keep shoppers from over-spending on clothing and getting themselves in a financial bind.

Saving on beauty treatments

Women who shop for beauty treatments can find themselves spending a fortune on facials, hair conditioning, or body scrub treatments. Often, these treatments can be made from items easily found at home in the kitchen. Many online recipes are available for making homemade beauty treatments, including facials, soaps, shampoos, hair conditioning treatments, and more. Research the price of the ingredients and see how much money can be saved by making beauty treatments at home.

Frugal Shopping Tips for Women

Saving on groceries and dining out

It is always wise to check the pantry and make a grocery list before going shopping. This will save on purchasing unneeded items. Making a list will help prevent impulse buying. Before making a list, try preparing a menu and buy only those items needed to prepare meals for the week. When cooking, do not waste food. If food is cooked in large portions, freeze leftovers for quick and easy meals to eat later.

Dining out should be kept to a minimum and saved for special occasions. Cooking at home is more economical and also healthier. If women find themselves in situations where they are traveling or must eat out for some other reason; avoid fast food. Dine on healthy menu items, such as vegetables, fruits, salads, and grilled meats.

Saving on entertainment

It is amazing how much most people spend over the year on movies, drinking at clubs, or other entertainment activities. For people living on a budget, this should be one of the first items they cut back on. Try going to the local library and checking out movies for free. In addition, instead of a night on the town; opt for a “girl’s night” in your own home. Have friends bring the supplies for homemade drinks, listen to music, dance, or watch movies. Spending less does not mean you cannot still have fun!

Ways to save on holiday gifts

In today’s society, the focus has shifted from families spending quality time together to giving more and more expensive gifts to each other. Try planning a special event where the family spends time doing activities together. Make this the focus of the holiday rather than expensive gift giving. If gifts are exchanged, make it something thoughtful and inspiring. Homemade gifts for friends and family are often received just as well as expensive store-bought gifts.

Living frugally, does not mean that women have to give up shopping. If a person enjoys shopping, they should by all means shop! However, it only makes sense to use good judgment, shop wisely, and get the best deals possible. It means avoiding unnecessary spending for items that are not needed or are overpriced. Shopping frugally is one step for women in changing the way they think and learning to live more frugally.

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