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Top 10 Inspiring Songs for Entrepreneurs to Get Motivation

Best Inspiring Songs

There is nothing wrong with finding new ways to motivate yourself, and if music is the way you do it then so be it. Being a self-employed entrepreneur is going to take a lot of self-motivation. A self-employed person’s entire income, and future, rests on their own shoulders. If they lose their motivation for a few days then their whole business may begin a sharp slide downwards. Of the many motivational techniques, it seems that music works well for exercising and working out. If music also motivates you to do more work, then here are top 10 inspiring songs for young entrepreneurs to get motivation on the go:

1 – Survivor – Eye Of The Tiger

Thanks to its inclusion in the Rocky movies, this may be one of the most motivational songs out there. Typically, it is used to workout to, but many people find comfort in the song and the words, and gain a great deal of motivation from it. It implies that if a person does not stop trying, then he or she cannot be stopped. Just so long as they keep hold of their dreams.

2 – Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

This is a very simplistic song, but is good for motivating people. It simply states that a person should work harder in order to achieve success.

3 – John Mayer – Bigger Than My Body

This song is actually about entrepreneurs. It is about how an entrepreneur should push his or her boundaries in order to achieve success. The wording of the song is very specifically aimed at entrepreneurs, and goes on to talk about how the entrepreneur can get so much more, and that if he or she is not willing to risk going down in flames, then he or she is not willing to achieve true success.

4 – Bon Jovi – It’s My Life

This song encourages people to do their own thing without being pushed and pressured by other people. It is a very motivating song because of its high power sounds and lyrics. It talks about never backing down and how you cannot wait around to be lucky. It also says how people should stand their ground and work for the things that they want.

5 – Travie McCoy – Billionaire

This song is good for people who have become an entrepreneur because they want the money that goes with it. It reminds the listener of the perks of being rich and having money, and it conveys the message without appearing to be embarrassed or ashamed by the lust for money. It motivates the listener by reminding him or her that he or she got into their business for the money.

Best Inspiring Songs

6 – Fort Minor – Remember The Name

This song is one that belongs to the hip-hop community, and it explains how a person should want to leave a legacy. It runs through the percentages of elements you need in order to succeed. Elements such as fifty percent pain, etc. It is a silly song, but one that may motivate a person to make more of themselves and leave a legacy behind.

7 – Green Day – Boulevard of Broken Dreams

This is a rather melancholy song, which may speak to entrepreneurs because they too have to walk a solo and lonely road on their journey to success. It explains how a person may set off down a path and have no idea as to where it leads to.

 8 – Natasha Beddingfield – Unwritten

This is a popular song, even though it is not the most inspired song ever. However, many people find comfort and motivation in the lyrics. It is a little bit vague on its meaning, but many people interpret her words about “live your life with arms right open” as meaning that one should embrace life, or be willing to embrace life.

9 – Black Eyed Peas – Let’s Get It Started

The song is full of the typical Black Eyed Peas beats, rhythm and base. The song is remembered more for its chorus, but if you listen to the actual words within the song, you will hear that it is all about losing one’s inhibitions and following one’s intuition. The energetic feel to the song also makes it a little bit more motivating. It even mentions the soul too, which is good if you are motivated by spiritual sentiments.

10 – Switchfoot – This Is Your Life

This song asks if you are the person that you want to be, and reminds the person listening that they are the ones in control of their life. It reminds entreprenours that they are living their life without having to please a boss of jump thorough other people’s hoops.

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